Big Guy Gray

If this face doesn't melt you I don't know what will... The moment this guy was placed in my arms I knew I was in trouble... Those baby blues and long lashes are a deadly weapon. Grayson is as shy as they come but is as silently naughty as can be. He climbs EVERYTHING! He refused to walk for the longest time but we often found him scaling our furniture or on top of any table we have. He is obsessed with all things boy. Trucks, cars, tractors, balls, loud anything, you name it he is as rough as he is cute! 

A little more about our Gray man....

Grayson came into our life and the world seemed to stop. Life felt surreal. Seeing our little Avee hold her baby brother was nothing short of breathtaking in the most perfect of ways.

Gray guy is as sweet as they come and will steal your heart the minute he flashes his shy smile and baby blues. Don't be too fooled though he has quite the opinion much like his big sister. 


 He LOVES hats and shoes! Nothing is cuter than his baseball hat and his little curls peeking out below. 

From a young age Gray has had the most contagious laugh and smile! 

Since he was born he has been wrapped into all of his sisters dress up ideas... First Halloween the "Pretty Witch" needed her pumpkin and this year Princess Anna couldn't go without her sidekick Olaf... He's a pretty good sport! 

He LOVES trucks, cars, tractors, anything with a motor thats loud! Every Monday morning we have to go out and watch the garbage truck!!

  And this boy loves his daddy!! When dad is home you will find Gray right by his side!!

Just like the rest of the Fam Gray is right at home watching the Utes!!! We were worried he wouldn't like the noise but he LOVED it!!! 

Much like his sister he would rather be outside!! From the beach to the fall crisp air he is ready to play outside!  

 Grays Garage... If its got wheels he has a smile on his face...

He has quite the daring side. He has no fear of animals which is partially my fault but he is just fascinated with them... BIG or small....

Grayson has made life nothing but perfection. He is shy, kind, daring, and a little slice of heaven all wrapped into a tiny package...