All things Avanlee

Our Avee girl is as sassy as they come but steals your heart the minute she smiles. She has kept us on our toes from the day we brought her home. She is constantly on the go and doesn't slow down until she crashes. She has always known exactly what she wants and how she wants things to go. Shes so smart that she normally gets things her way because of her negotiating skills. She has an amazing love for life and is up for anything. She loves cousins, friends, people at the grocery store, anyone she can talk to. We love her more than words.

Here's a little more about our Avee girl....

She stole our hearts in a big way at just under 10lbs! 

Her 2nd night home she was wide a wake and talking my ear off and hasn't stopped since.....

She loves being outside!! Rain or shine she would rather be out in the fresh air! 

Stray cat ^ "Daniel Tigre" AKA Tige
 Often you will find Avee with one of our animals! She LOVES animals! She recently bonded with a stray cat that is now a permanent family member because we just couldn't say no! Her favorite is her mini horse Molly!

She took her first selfie at 8 months.... She's pretty advanced if you ask me...

She has always loved to dress to impress wherever she goes!! And normally one of us gets roped into her idea as well.... But when your 3 year old asks you to be a unicorn.... you be a unicorn.

She takes after her dad and one of her favorite places to be is at the Utes football game... She asks strangers dressed in BYU gear why the like BYU and not "Utah Utah" as she gives them the most confused look ever...

She loves anything with sugar and would live off cake, cookies and "hot coco" if we let her! 

Her Favorite thing in the world is being "the best big sister ever" She loves her little brother and always asks when she "can have another baby?" 

From the day we held her in our arms our life was forever changed. She is nothing short of sassy, kind, courageous, perfection.