Meet Nate...

Nate is....funny, smart, kind, loyal, hardworking and pretty handsome if you ask me....

Nate graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelors in Accounting. While studying at the U he played football for the Utes for 2 years!  He then earned his Masters in Business Administration and is currently working as a Director in Finance.

In my eyes Nate is the best dad ever! Avee and Gray love playtime with dad every night! He takes time after work to do something fun with them no matter how tired he is. He has always helped out at night as well! Seriously we are so lucky!!!

Nate's favorite place in the world... Rice Eccles Stadium...Home of the Utes
( Can you tell he loves when I interrupt the game to take his pic?) This is one of his favorite things to do with his family! We try to go to as many games as we can every year! Nate's awesome parents have season tickets! We are all huge Ute fans!

Nate loves to work on projects for our house.. His level of safety is sometimes in question (he is wearing sunglasses as eye protection while using a saw when its dark outside) But whatever project it is he does it to perfection! The kids love to help him whenever they can!!

It melts my heart to see my big tough husband nap with our two white furballs! He's Avanlees favorite spot to take a Sunday nap as well! 

Nate enjoys competing in Triathlons... He is an amazing swimmer, loves to ride his bike and is learning to enjoy running!

Finish Line!!!!

Before Avanlee was born we went to Hawaii and Nate fell in love! Im pretty sure he would live in the water part time if he could. 

Ever since Nate was little his family has vacationed in Lake Tahoe every summer. The water is freezing but he still loves to go for a swim!

Christmas is one of Nate's favorite holidays. One of Nate's favorite traditions is to dress up like Santa for his family every year! His version of Santa has a southern accent!

Find me one other dad out there that will sport the Ergo carrier down the Vegas strip to let the kids see the water show.... He's pretty fantastic!

From the moment he was told he was going to be a dad he has protected and loved Avanlee and Grayson. I will never forget the tears in his eyes when we were told by Avanlees birth mom that she chose us and seeing his face when he found out he would have a son.  You could see his heart grow instantly as he held them both for the first time. He spoils us all and were so very blessed to call him ours....