Meet Kenzi...

Hello, I'm Kenzi the voice of our blog and the other half to my handsome husband Nate!
My favorite thing in the world is being a wife and a mom! The last 4 years have been the most rewarding of my entire life. Before Avanlee and Grayson I worked as a Salon and Spa Education Director for 3 years and other positions in the Salon and Spa industry for the last 11 years. I love making people feel and look beautiful. On the side I have also coached and worked as a Trainer to help women achieve their fitness goals. I am a girly tomboy to say the least! But by far my favorite job title is "Mom".

This picture is one of my favorite of all time... The first time I held Avanlee will always be clear in my mind. It was so amazing to see her and think " Oh there you are, I've been waiting for you for quite some time now" Our hearts matched. I knew she was our meant to be when I first met her birth mom Sadie, but the day she was born was a beautiful confirmation of our destiny to become a family. 

Just like the picture above this one gets me every time...Holding Grayson for the first time tears streamed down my cheeks and I have never felt such peace. I saw his sweet face and knew I was meeting my son for the first time.  Grayson was meant for our family long before he was born. His amazing birth mom allowed us to take care of him in the hospital and for that I will be forever grateful. I never dreamed that would ever be an option for me.

Wherever we go I like to snap crazy pics of us!

 If there's music you will find the kids and I busting a move... Our kitchen has quite the dance floor....

 Most of my days are spent like this..... A little chaos, a lot of love and nothing but perfection for me! 

I love being active! Somedays are easier than others but these days it just takes a little more practice! 

 Three of my favorite things are in this picture... My mom (she is my bff), Halloween attire, and running(we ran a 5k together on Halloween)!!

 Speaking of Halloween... It's my FAVORITE!!! I may use Avee and Gray as an excuse to dress up.. Every black cat needs a witch right?? And who doesn't need a unicorn? Even the dogs fall victim to my love of Halloween as well...

Also at the top of the favorite list is Christmas! The first year we moved into our condo I wanted a "real" Christmas tree.. needless to say it was a bit too big and we had quite the furniture set up that year.... (To my defense our house smelled so good!!) I just love the holidays! We have so many great family traditions! Christmas Eve to New Years is pretty crazy, but is so fun!!

I also love the outdoors and camping with my family every summer. We have property near Fish Lake and love getting together to fourwheel, fish, hike, and enjoy the great outdoors! 

In my life there is nothing more precious than my two beautiful kids. They are my everything. Never did I dream that life could ever be so sweet. 
 Last but not least... I love this guy!!! He is my biggest fan and supports everything I do! He is the hardest working guy and the best dad in the whole world! I can't imagine my life with anyone else! I'm one lucky girl!